The mission of Snapfix is to make your building better, healthier and safer.  Every day.


Look around.  We are all surrounded by buildings and infrastructure (roads, bridges, railways etc).


Houses, apartment buildings, office buildings, retail stores, factories, warehouses, hospitals, bus and train stations, airports, and more.  So many types of buildings.


As an example, there are approximately 5 million commercial buildings in the US.

And about the same number of commercial buildings in Europe.  That’s a lot of buildings.  All requiring ongoing maintenance, daily, weekly, quarterly or annually.  There are even more residential buildings.


The maintenance costs for a building is estimated at between 1% and 2% of it’s build cost.  So, and office building that cost $10 million to build, will cost somewhere between $100,00 and $200,000 in annual maintenance costs.  Some years it will be more, some years it will be less.


The reality is that the majority of building management and maintenance is make up of small jobs:

flickering lights
leaking taps or pipes
broken electrical units and appliances
access control and keys
IT and phone system issues
painting and decoration
contractors and service providers
supplies and deliveries
security and alarms
fire safety
in addition to incidents/accidents and inspections/audits.


The point is that is a ‘large variety’ of tasks going on at any point in time.  The building manager is juggling a lot of balls.

Many of these tasks are managed using a combination of paper, post-it notes, email, different software systems/websites/apps, texting and messaging, phone calls and face to face meetings.


So a lot of information to manage, with a lot of people.

And quite a bit of inefficiency here.  This was our challenge.


Using photo’s and tags were key to the solution (we also added video and sketching).  Everything can be quickly recorded using a photo – so no forms to fill out.

Tags help to organise everything.

A simple ‘WhatsApp’ type messaging system helps people to communicate and collaborate.

And a dashboard to give an instant visuals of progress.


Snapfix is so flexible, it can be used in an infinite number of ways.

Contact us today.  We will listen and respond, with the aim to help you to better manage your building.


Paul & the Snapfix Team