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The K Club. One of Ireland’s finest 5 star hotels and resorts.

I have used Snapfix successfully in two hotels, for maintenance and fire safety.  

Our teams like it because it’s so simple to use.  Everyone can take a photo, and the photo instantly communicates the issue or task to be completed.  All our teams are more organised and efficient with Snapfix.  
Today, it is an essential part of our maintenance operations at The K Club, including ensuring the hotel is compliant with fire regulations.

A massive benefit is that Snapfix can be used by all our staff, in the hotel and on the golf course, for every type of task. We love that one simple solution can handle everything.

Keith Weston, Facilities and Services Manager

Osprey Hotel. Luxury 4 star hotel.

Our complex encompasses multiple buildings, and it is paramount that our teams are focused on delivering a positive guest experience. 

Snapfix helps our team to communicate and collaborate simply and effectively, to continually enhance guest experiences in our facilities.

Proper maintenance of a resort type property like ours, requires effective teamwork and collaboration. 
Snapfix makes clear & prompt communication possible, and is especially effective in our multi-lingual environment as photos do the talking.

Paul is very approachable and helpful, and actively works to improve and enhance the app’s functionality.   

Rishnoor Kaur, General Manager, Osprey Complex
Hotel, Business Centre, Conference Centre, Spa and Leisure Centre.

Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, Killiney Co Dublin.

“Proper maintenance of a hotel requires a lot of teamwork and collaboration.  Using Snapfix photos allows us to communicate clearly and instantly.  It is very useful in a busy and multi-lingual environment.

All staff in the hotel are happy and enjoying using this app, because it is so simple. The Snapfix team are always looking to make it simpler, better and faster. You can do all your maintenance and fire safety tasks in one app, and I highly recommend Snapfix to any business.”

Zam Manaba, Maintenance Manager

The Kingsley Hotel, Cork

“Everyone working in The Kingsley Hotel is focused on always providing a positive experience for our guests.

Ensuring any maintenance-related matters are easily highlighted and quickly rectified is key to this effort.

Snapfix has been a terrific help to us in this regard.

It helps us to communicate effectively, manage more efficiently and, crucially for us, keep track of trends around recurring engineering issues.

Snapfix are constantly updating the solution in line with our needs, and Paul McCarthy and his team have been a pleasure to work with.

Fergal Harte, General Manager