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Your ‘Building Data’ is hugely valuable

If you ask any Building, Facilities, Maintenance or Service Team manager, what is his or her biggest headache ?

Very often they reply that it is managing everything – “juggling of all the balls”.

All the tasks need to get done: from reactive maintenance, planned maintenance, fire safety, staff, contractors, health & safety, compliance, and more.

Many of these tasks are very small and can be completed very quickly.  But they still need to be managed, without filling out time-consuming and complex forms.

Snapfix wants to turn this headache into an asset.  By giving a simple solution, where “anyone can take a photo”, Snapfix helps you to gather this valuable data, for reporting and analysis.


This is very valuable data to your business.

Snapfix is continually improving our reports and analysis tools, so that you can get the best from your valuable data.

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Who uses Snapfix ?

Who uses Snapfix ?

Businesses and Individuals in every sector benefit from using Snapfix.  Some examples are…


Architects and Engineers

As a building is being built, it is inspected by architects and engineers.  Now, using Snapfix, they can simply record the progress of the build, to ensure standards are being followed, before everything is covered up and painted.  Snapfix allows for hourly or daily or weekly records of the construction process.

Snapfix is also used for the ‘Snagging’ process.  A Snag is a defect that needs to be resolved before a building is handed over to a client.  An Architect or Engineer can use Snapfix to identify each issue, share with the appropriate contractor, and confirm that each item is completed.

A Snag can be reported with one photo, and resolved with a second photo. Now that is simple !



A member of staff spots a problem (e.g. leaking tap / stain on a carpet) in a bedroom, takes a Snapfix Photo and Tags it with ‘Room 17’.  The Tag is automatically set to RED
The Maintenance Manager immediately sees it, and assigns the issue to a member of the Maintenance Team, and sets the Tag to AMBER (the job has been assigned and is in progress).
The Maintenance person resolves the issue, takes a Snapfix Photo and sets it to GREEN.
Problem fixed.
The Hotel gets better reviews on Tripadvisor !


Office Buildings

An office tenant in Floor 3 spots a flickering light and takes a Snapfix [Tag: Floor 3 ].  Another office tenant sees a light out on Floor 7 and takes a Snapfix [ Tag Floor 7].  The Facilities Manager see’s both jobs, and assigns to the electrician.  The electrician can gather the appropriate spare bulbs before attending – thus reducing the number of trips from two to one.


Apartment Buildings

A new tenant arrives.  The Building Manager adds that tenant as a Snapfix user, and takes photo’s of the tenants references, the signed lease, the inventory, and the record of the rent deposit [ Tag: Apartment 14 ].  So all records are in Snapfix and can easily be viewed any time [e.g. Tag: Tenant Info ].
When a tenant has any issue they create a Snapfix [RED].  This is immediately shared with the Building Manager or Letting Agent, who can in turn share it with a contractor [AMBER].  The contractor can liaise with the tenant to identify the issue and schedule an appropriate time to attend.  When complete the contractor assigning the Snapfix to [GREEN].
SO ALL of the tenant info is kept in one place, and easily accessible.


Distribution and Transportation
Vehicle Inspections

Every day, every truck driver must do an inspection on their vehicle.  This utilises the Snapfix ‘Checkbox’ feature, which records each items to be checked.  When the driver checks each item as complete, a date-and-time is recorded.  So a full audit is kept of every inspection.  If an issue is identified that requires attention (e.g. cracked tail-light), then the driver simply creates a Snapfix and the Maintenance Manager is immediately informed and can arrange to have it fixed.


There are many other uses for Snapfix and we would love to hear how you use it.

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Thank you.