For now, we are welcoming customers to join our Beta trial, to use the first version of Snapfix, and start getting the benefits right away.

The process is very simple.

We want to understand your problem, and once we understand it, we will show you how Snapfix can help.
And if Snapfix can’t help, then at least we’ve enjoyed a interesting conversation over a coffee or a phone call.

What is your ‘need’ ?  That’s the Number 1 question ?

  • Do you want a dashboard of everything going on in your building right now ?
  • Do you want to save time and money ?
  • Do you want to make your Team more efficient, without expensive software ?
  • Do you want an App as simple as WhatsApp, for ‘getting stuff done’ ?
  • Do you want a full audit trail of everything and anything in your business ?

We will work closely with you and get you up and running, and let’s solve that problem together.  Then let’s move on to the next one.  One problem at a time.

Snapfix is in the problem solving business.

Send me an email to and let’s schedule a chat.

Paul & the Snapfix Team

‘Fixing your world, one Snap at a time’