Snapfix allows you to schedule jobs in the future :  for example, you may want a reminder to check all of your Fire Extinguishers monthly.

First you create a job, and you include all of the details (Tags, Users, Notes, Checklist).

Then, choose ‘Planned Jobs’ from the context menu (top right corner, the icon with the 3 dots).

You will see a popup, to allow you to plan that job for a specific date, to repeat it daily, weekly or monthly.  Choose the appropriate option, and select the appropriate dates, and the required job or jobs will be automatically created.

Those jobs will appear on your home screen on those dates.

If you wish to see those future scheduled jobs, go to your home screen, and filter on ‘Dates’ and choose the date range in the future e.g. the 1st to the 31st of next month, and they will be displayed.  Note that you cannot edit these scheduled jobs until the date arrives.

We will soon be creating a simple video to explain this.

The Snapfix Team