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About us

I originally built Snapfix to solve my own problem.  I wanted to design the simplest solution in the world, to help organise everything in a number of buildings, and make my teams more efficient.  I wanted the buildings to be “the best they could be”, always.

It needed to be as simple as WhatsApp.  So we designed Snapfix using Photo’s, Tags and Messaging.  We added our “Red, Amber and Green” traffic lights, to show the progress of each task (and this inspired the Snapfix logo).

Our aim now is to delight our customers, and deliver exceptional value.  Snapfix is already benefiting hotels, as well as high quality office and apartment buildings, and service providers.

We are so excited about the future.  The long term vision for Snapfix is to be used in every building in the world.
We want Snapfix to become a verb.

We would love you to, “Snapfix your building today”.

Paul McCarthy, Founder

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"Finally, a simple messaging app that I can use with tenants and contractors.  It’s like WhatsApp for managing buildings."
Apartment Building Manager
"I love the photo-based helpdesk.  It helps my staff and I to manage every type of issue, and improve our guest experience."
Hotel Manager