Make your hotel exceptional.  

Great hotels care about great customer experience.  And great customer experience leads to return customers, and increased revenue.
Snapfix helps hotel teams, make their buildings the best they can be, and deliver the best customer experience, at all times.  It’s all about the attention to detail.

We have designed our cloud platform to be the simplest building maintenance and teamwork solution on the planet.  Everyone can take a photo.  A photo tells a thousand words.  A photo speaks every language.  Please see our brochure… Snapfix Hotel Brochure.

And of course, Snapfix also works for every type of building (office and apartments buildings, retail, factories, schools, hospitals and more).

Free to trial.  Setup in minutes.  Private and secure.

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See how Snapfix works…


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How to use Snapfix

Take a photo or record a video
Add tags and notes
Collaborate with your team
Manage the progress
Mark as done
Payment (optional – coming soon)

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"Finally, a simple messaging app that I can use with tenants and contractors.  It’s like WhatsApp for managing buildings."
Apartment Building Manager
"I love the photo-based helpdesk.  It helps my staff and I to manage every type of issue, and improve our guest experience."
Hotel Manager
Snapfix screenshot
"Using Photo's and Tags is brilliant.  Snapfix makes it simple to record 'snags' and get them fixed."
"We aim for zero accidents in our factory. Now staff identify issues immediately, and we resolve them without delay."
Factory Manager

Who is using Snapfix?

Construction, Engineering &
Service Providers
Office & Apartment
Buildings, Factories
Hotels, Retail,
Utilities &
Distribution &

Features & Benefits

Task Management
Help Desk
Health & Safety
Audits & Inspections

Simple to sign up, simple to use

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