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Snapfix speaks over 6,000 languages !

There are over 6,000 languages in the world today (2018).  That’s incredible.

Snapfix is designed to be super simple.  It uses photo’s, and a reasonably good photo (even I can take one) speaks all of those languages.

They say:  “a picture tells a thousand words”.

We say:  “Snapfix speaks over 6,000 languages”.


From the multi-multi-multi-lingual Snapfix Team


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Red/Amber/Green ‘traffic light’ Tags ?

The Red/Amber/Green Tags are the only colour tags in Snapfix.
They are used to show progress.  For example, Red indicates that an issue has been ‘reported’ (i.e. new job), Amber is when it is ‘in progress’, and Green is when it is ‘complete’.  Simple and efficient.
Using colour tags, you can easily see what jobs need attention at any point in time.


Q: What are the different types of users in Snapfix ?

A:  There are 2 types of users.  Admin and User.
The ‘Admin’ manages the business.  ‘Users’ are part of the business.
If a User takes a Snapfix (Photo, Video or Text), the Admin will be able to instantly see it.  So when a User reports an issue (e.g. leaking tap), the Admin will be able to see it instantly, and share it with a Contractor (who is another User).


Q: What can an Admin do that a User cannot ?

A: The ‘Admin’ manages the business.  The Admin is the person who adds Users to the business, as well as creating the Tags that are unique to that Business.  The Admin can also ‘delete’ and ‘archive’ Jobs.


Q: What is the simplest way to report an issue ?

A: The simplest way to report an issue is to take a photo.


Why are Tags so amazing ?


First, someone (way back when) invented the wheel, then along came the Internet.  Two amazing inventions, that I am delighted to use every day.

I believe Tags are up there with the wheel and the Internet.  Let me explain why.

They allow so much flexibility.  You can Tag everything in your business and your life – all of your information.  Customers / Projects / Inspections / Jobs / Tasks / Snags / Stages / Phases / Milestones / Priorities / Meetings / Audits  / Risks / Issues / Compliance / Quality / Insurance / Warranties / Health & Safety / Qualifications / Training / Documents / … the list is endless.

Everything in your business can be tagged.

Using Snapfix, you can simply Search or Filter your business information using your Tags.  It’s so simple and efficient.  No time consuming horrible forms to fill out.

You can answer an infinite number of questions…

“Show me all the Audits that included Jane Smith in the London Office”

“Show me all the Jobs that happened on Air Conditioner 17 that involved AC Services Ltd, in January 2017”


Search for your information.  Slice and dice it.  Report on it.  Analyze it.

Tags give you all that flexibility.  And the best thing is that YOU get to decide how to use them.

I would love to hear how you are using Tags in Snapfix.  All feedback appreciated,

Thank you, Paul