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Your ‘Building Data’ is hugely valuable

If you ask any Building, Facilities, Maintenance or Service Team manager, what is his or her biggest headache ?

Very often they reply that it is the “juggling of all the balls”.

The managing all of the tasks that need to get done: from reactive maintenance, planned maintenance, staff, contractors, health & safety, compliance, and more.  Many of these tasks are very small and can be very quick to complete.  The problem is that there is a large volume of these tasks and a large variety.  No two days are the same.

Snapfix wants to turn this headache into an asset.  By giving a simple solution, “anyone can take a photo and tag it”, in the palm of your hand, Snapfix helps you to gather this valuable data, for reporting and analysis.


This is very valuable data to your business.

Snapfix is continually improving our reports and analysis tools, so that you can get the best from your valuable data.