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About us

Snapfix is like WhatApp for ‘Getting Things Done’ – building manager.

I originally created Snapfix to solve my own problem, to help me manage the maintenance of a number of buildings (apartments and offices).

At the time, I noticed that tenants communicated using SMS texts, Whatsapp messages, emails, as well as phone calls and voicemails.  Contractors were using increasingly using Photo’s in SMS texts and Whatsapp, and issuing reports and invoices on paper.

The information was all over the place, and it was very difficult and time-consuming to manage.

I just wanted a really simple solution, that gave me the benefits of Mobile Messaging (SMS texting, Whatsapp etc.), but allowed me to efficiently manage a lot of tasks, in a lot of buildings, with a lot of people.

So I worked closely with our amazing designers and developers (who are from all over the world) and we created the first version of Snapfix.  It was a GLOBAL effort from day one.

The Snapfix team worked very hard to keep it simple.  We concentrated on simple design principles.  We focused on what was important, and we ruthlessly eliminated everything else.  Using photo’s was central to the solution.

  • Everyone can take a photo.
  • An issue can be reported using a photo.
  • An issue can be communicated as resolved using a photo.

During the design stage, I met with many companies, who provided excellent feedback on the simple ‘photo based’ approach.  I met with every role involved with buildings :  Owners, Building Managers, Architects, Engineers, Builders, Trades, Fitout and Maintenance Teams.

So, not only am I the founder of Snapfix, I was also the first customer.

The Vision…

In the 1980’s Bill Gates had a vision of putting a PC in every home.

Well, my vision is to put Snapfix into every building.  To continually make buildings the very best they can be.  We want Snapfix to be the de-facto building maintenance app globally.

Thus our tagline ‘Fixing your world, one Snap at a time‘.


Help us make Snapfix a verb.  Snapfix your building today.


We hope you like Snapfix.  We’d love your feedback and hear how you are using it.  We will continue to work hard to improve the service, while keeping it simple every step of the way.

Thank you,

Paul McCarthy
Snapfix Founder