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About us

Hi.  I’m Paul McCarthy, and I originally created Snapfix to solve my own problem:  to help me manage a number of buildings and projects I was working on.

I just wanted a really simple solution, that allowed me to efficiently manage a large volume of tasks, and collaborate with a lot of different people.  And it had to use photo’s, be super simple, and be on my phone.

I researched the market and tried many solutions.  But they were all either too complicated, too rigid or too costly.  My own background is in software development, so I worked closely with some brilliant designers and exceptional developers.  We used the latest cutting edge software, and I truly believe that we have created a great solution.

What is the result ?
Well, I am now able to track everything quickly and simply, with individuals and large teams.
I am saving both time and money.
And my clients and tenants like it because everything gets done in a timely manner, and nothing ever gets dropped.

Then I realised that this, of course, is a Global problem.  People all over the world are managing large volumes of tasks, and a large variety of tasks.  Efficiency is low.  Mistakes happen.  Costs rise.

Snapfix is aiming to tackle this large global problem, with a simple solution.

The goal is to make Snapfix ‘the de-facto’ building maintenance app, globally.

To continually make buildings better, safer and healthier.


My lofty vision is for Snapfix to become “a verb”.  


So, “Snapfix your building today”


We are continually innovating and improving Snapfix, and we are committed to solving your problems.  Snapfix is like no other solution.  We have no horrible forms to waste your time.  The Snapfix design is visual and ‘Lean’.

We would love to hear your feedback and stories.

Thank you,

Paul McCarthy
Snapfix Founder