About us

Snap fix app.

About us

At Snapfix, we are passionate about :

1.  Keeping Buildings Safe
2.  Keeping Buildings Well Maintained
3.  Identifying and Fixing issues before they become critical

In June 2015, an apartment balcony collapsed in Berkeley, California, killing six and injuring many more.
What if someone had seen a crack a month earlier ?
What if there was a simple way to report a crack, so that the people responsible were made aware of it, and could do something about it ?

This was the ‘light-bulb’ moment.  This, along with my own need to maintain a number of buildings, was the inspiration to create a simple and flexible solution that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Snapfix can work in every building and with every piece of infrastructure and equipment, globally.

Simplicity is the design goal, and that why we use photo’s, videos, sketches, messaging and tags.

We want Snapfix to become a verb.

So ‘Snapfix your building today’.

Check out our Blog for useful tips, FAQ’s and solutions.


Paul McCarthy and the Snapfix Team

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"Finally, a simple messaging app that I can use with tenants and contractors.  It’s like WhatsApp for managing buildings."
Apartment Building Manager
"I love the photo-based helpdesk.  It helps my staff and I to manage every type of issue, and improve our guest experience."
Hotel Manager