About us

Snap fix app.

About us

At Snapfix, we are passionate about 3 things:

1.  Increasing efficiency
2.  Providing exceptional value
3.  Keeping it simple

We recognise that people are busy, and juggling many different types of tasks, every day, every week, every month.

So we have designed Snapfix to be as simple and as flexible as possible, to help you get in control, and manage all of your tasks as efficiently as possible.

The best Apps in the world are simple, and are the ones you use every day, and we have designed Snapfix to be one of those Apps.

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Simple to sign up, simple to use

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"Finally, a simple messaging app that I can use with tenants and contractors.  It’s like WhatsApp for managing buildings."
Apartment Building Manager
"I love the photo-based helpdesk.  It helps my staff and I to manage every type of issue, and improve our guest experience."
Hotel Manager